I'm It

I've been tagged by my dear friend Janel at Team Sullivan to play this fun little photo game! You are supposed to find your sixth photo folder and pull and post the sixth photo inside. My folders are auto-organized alphabetically, so I came up with something pretty random, all the way back from May of 2008! It actually almost made me cry...

It's my sweet Miss Elly, only a few days after coming home from the hospital! She's just a peanut! How edible is she??!

This is fun. I'm tagging:
Ashley @ She's Star-Crossed
Jordan @ The Arnold Family
Rachel @ Changes With the Seasons
John @ iSurrender (I know you've got cool photos!)

You should play, too!


Mrs. B. said...

Did it! Fun. Thanks for the tag.

The Arnold Family said...

Yay! I'll do it!

I.S. said...

Haha. Okay.

RachelMarie said...

I NEED to do this and WILL. Just haven't gotten to it yet! Should be fun since Blake JUST finished organizing our pictures. :)