More Easter

Sieh cousins ready to hunt eggs!
Jocelyn, Ashley, Elly, Malachi & Cameron.

Mema helps Elly find some eggs, too!
(While slacker Mom stays on deck and takes pictures.)

Malachi and Cameron on the hunt!

Look at my loot!
The fact that the eggs look like soccer balls, footballs & basketballs is far more exciting to me than the treats inside...

Our niece Jocelyn who got her tonsils out the week before Easter! :(
She was a trooper and posed like a ballerina for the camera!

Silly Elly knowing she's being cute... :)

Somehow my camera didn't make it out for the egg dyeing festivities at Grandpa & Grandma Beichley's, but Cameron was pretty excited about the eggs changing colors, especially the purple ones! We had a wonderful Easter, Papa Sieh dedicated Elly at church on Sunday and both sets of grandparents were able to be there and share in her special day!

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The Arnold Family said...

How fun! Love the hats!