Sister's First Prom

Tonight was my littlest sister Sonya's first prom! She is only a sophomore, but got invited to a neighboring school's prom, so got to do the dress, hair, etc.

Isn't she gorgeous????! Her stunning blue dress and pinned up hair. (And the outside beauty doesn't even hold a candle to what's on the inside!) My little Sonya. It seems like just yesterday I was babysitting her and cutting her food up into little bites...*sniffle*

I have lots of sibling love going on today. My brother Jay blessed me and watched Cameron this afternoon so Elly and I could watch the NCU Women's track meet, and preparations are in full swing for Laura's wedding, coming SO SOON...I couldn't be more excited!

Congrats, sister, on your first prom! Aren't siblings the greatest? :)

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