The Life Of A Princess

Living the life of a princess...our Elly has had quite the week when it comes to celebrations. This past weekend, we were in Iowa with family and friends for a party at Papa & Mema's house, where Elly had her first cupcake! After much initial hesitation, she decided it was indeed delicious and she should continue to chow down! We also munched on fruit pizza, Grandma Shouse's breadsticks and pickle wrap dip. We were blessed with so many adorable gifts, from books and pajamas to dresses and dollies. What a wonderful day!

Yes, I suppose I could eat some more of this... :)

On her actual birthdate, May 13, Elly had a fun day at home with Cameron & me. Caleb worked an open to close (not to worry, he was home the next day), so we just spent the day doing all of Elly's favorite things! I made her favorites for each meal: homemade waffles with LOTS of syrup for breakfast, hot dogs and ketchup for lunch (and strawberries for dessert), and spaghetti and meatballs for supper! I also made a lemon cake (hey - when the child is to young too express her wishes, the [pregnant] mother shall choose for her)! We played with fridge letters, bubbles, balloons and had a bath at the end of the day - Elly's MOST favorite! Another fantastic day :)

No time to get dressed today, Mom!
We've got more important things to do!

As if that weren't enough...we thought we should maybe do ONE more thing to celebrate...

Baseball game, anyone?

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