Twins Win!

The day after her first birthday (May 14), Elly got the chance to go to her very FIRST Minnesota Twins game! One of Caleb's co-workers got us free tickets in the 32nd row - perfect seats because we were right next to a staircase and in the back of the section so we could stand up if needed! Thanks KK, it was such a blessing!

We were close enough to the field that Cameron could identify Joe Mauer when he came up to bat and caught!! The Twins made an awesome comeback in the 7th inning and won the game, 6-5. Caleb made us stay and I was so glad! Cam & Elly got a little fed up around the 6th inning, but then Elly fell asleep on me and Cam got really into the cheering and whistling everyone was doing to fire up the team!

I had the backpack so stuffed with snacks that the security guard laughed at me when he searched it before I went in! Let's say the kids didn't get too hungry :) We got a beverage and a hot dog for Cam & Elly to share, but didn't deal with any other stadium food (too expensive, and too close quarters to guarantee non-spillage!)

We truly had a blast! Like I said before, Elly fell asleep in the seventh inning and stayed asleep almost the whole way to the car...so she got quite a few "Awwwws" along the way! She looked so precious in her Twins shirt and white bow! We got home that night and ate grilled steaks (we saved them for a special night!), salad and red potatoes. We finished the night with strawberries and ice cream! It was a wonderful celebration and great to spend a whole day with Caleb as he's been putting in mega hours at work lately.

Thanks again, KK (and Kris) for the tickets and for being such a good sport sitting with the CraSiehs the whole game! We had an awesome time celebrating our sweet Miss Ellly!

All dressed and ready to cheer on the Twins!

Uh...was I supposed to be enjoying this baseball game??

Elly with the right hook to brother's face!

My plan worked, haha! Now I have the seat ALL to myself...

The joke's on you, Elly! I got fruit snacks!
(Check out these seats, amazing!!!)

Now we both got Daddy. :)
Getting sleepy...

The Twins-loving fam! Great memories!

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