Popsicles On The Deck

I was so proud of Minnesota today...we made it to 97 degrees! This is the warmest it's been since July of 2007!! And in May! We soaked up all the Vitamin D we could today, first a playdate with friends Jackson and Anderson, then an afternoon outside.

The temp was still hovering around 90 at 6:30, so after supper, I gave Cam & Ells each their own popsicle to enjoy! I don't know that Cameron ever got a popsicle all to himself (to have and to hold) last summer, so he didn't know what to do at first! Elly got the hang of it right away, and 10 minutes later, I had two incredibly happy, extremely sticky babies to pop into the bathtub. I gave the deck a little shower, too. :) Summer fun!

P.S. My popsicles of choice: Target brand Tropical Pops! $1.79 for 24 pops without icky flavors like banana and root beer (think strawberry kiwi, pina colada, pineapple, etc.!) Yum.

This is the life!

If I eat fast enough, can I have another?

Mmmmm! The messier, the tastier :)


Lori said...

Some things, like Popsicle, are just better when eaten with little kiddos.

Jamie E said...

:) CUTE!