Why Today Was Great...

...My husband didn't have to work! Church, lunch, playtime...all day with Caleb.

...It was baptism day at church. L-O-V-E water baptisms and hearing people's stories. I am always blessed, I always cry. Good, good, good.

...Prepared lunch last night - just re-heat and serve!

...Found out that my sister's BFF and bridesmaid ordered a dress TWO SIZES too big for Laura's wedding, so we can switcheroo and my belly is accommodated, and this mistake turns out to be a huge blessing to the ever-expanding-sister-bridesmaid who ordered her dress before she knew she was pregnant :)

...Great deal on a comfortable, supportive pair of sandals at Kohl's, plus an extra 30% off! An hour of [solo] window shopping and browsing included. Happy continued Mother's Day to me :)

...A walk to the park and happy kiddos playing on BIG slides (Daddy is tall enough to assist).

...Grilled chicken ceasar salad for supper -- a warm weather family favorite. YUM.

...Cameron stays dry ALL AFTERNOON and goes legitimate potty on the toilet before bed. I know, it's probably a mere flash in the ongoing blackness...but today is a great day and this just made it better!

...Malts before bed :)

...Husband and I watch NBA playoff game before peacefully drifting off to sleep (OK - not a perfect day...I'm not gonna complain!)

Hope your Sundays were as fantastic as mine!

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The Arnold Family said...

Aww sounds wonderful!!! And I rarely can watch a baptism without tearing up either.