Best Buddies

Cameron's cousin, Malachi, was born exactly two weeks before he was. We knew from the start that these two were bound to be not just cousins, but great friends. As they grow, it's so much fun to see them interact, become partners in crime, and look forward to seeing each other.

This past weekend was the Gutierrez Reunion, and Malachi hung out with us for quite a bit of it. He and Cam had SO MUCH fun running around outside and playing in the pool together! Here's a few pics of them - best buddies!

Juice box buddies

Exploring buddies (@ Cabela's)

And another fun thing that happens when buddies get together...

...everyone sleeps well!!

This video was taken the first morning of the reunion,
Cam is telling Caleb that Malachi (Ty-Chi) is his best buddy in the WHOLE WORLD!


Janel said...

I love it! It's kind of like a built-in-babysitter when little buddies get together! They just play and you can sit back (for the most part)!

The Arnold Family said...

Haha Ty-Chi is what we call Tylee! Gotta love best buds. I am finding them a true blessing and also hard to come by.