Best Combos

My friend Mrs. B. posted such a cute blog the other day that I decided to borrow her idea and post one of my own! It's similar to the "favorites" concept - my best combos. Thanks, Mrs. B.!

Brother + Sister + 17 months apart
An intense relationship that most often results in lots of love :)

Texas Toast croutons
+ chicken, romaine & caesar dressing

The perfect ingredients for a fantastic summer supper.

Daddies + tickles
Because nobody does it better!

Ice cold Coca-Cola + popcorn
Perfect for movie night or ANY night...

Sieh babies + blueberries
I'm glad they're such an apparent "super food,"
because Cam & Elly LOVE them.

Caramel Frappuccino + solo grocery shopping trip
Two percent milk, of course. Nothin' light about it.
My favorite kind of "mommy time."

Beautiful flowers + thoughtful husband
+ no apparent reason

Enough said :)

Fun, huh? What are your best combos?


Janel said...

Fun! I will have to steal this idea some time. Cool flowers!!!!!

Lori said...

Love this post. Especially the coke. I craved Ruffles and Coke when I was pregnant with Janel. Now I'm a pepsi gal, but that coke looks inviting1