She's Got The Look

Elly Mariah is my little princess - she's a determined, strong little lady...but still a lady through and through. She loves to sing, try on necklaces, dress herself up and (try to dress up) her brother, pick up toys and put them in boxes and pretend to talk on the phone!

As far as looks, Elly has inherited pretty much ALL of Caleb's genes. Dark skin and dark-ish hair, longer face, brown eyes, height, etc., etc. However, her expressions quite mirror her Mama's. One she is especially good at is the "Mom Look," the look you all know, the stern, raised eyebrows, don't-break-the-stare, "do that one more time and you're in for it" look.

I give it to her, she gives it back. We have numerous staring contests...usually they end in one of us laughing. Oh, Lord help me through the teenage years!

Here is Miss Elly beginning to give me one of her "Mom Looks."

Come on, Mom, make my day!
(How can I not laugh?!)

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Lori said...

I thought we were going to get to see the pregnant momma look! :) Oh and the canteloupe...no matter what you buy, leave it on the counter for at LEAST one day. If I can dent it with my thumb, its ready to cut. If its hard as a basketball I let it sit for a day or two.