What's In A Zoo?

Caleb had the day off on Monday, so we made our way to the [free!] Como Zoo in Saint Paul. Cam has been really into animals lately, especially ones that say "RAWR!" (Lions, tigers, bears, etc.) This zoo doesn't have TONS of animals, but was perfect to appease Cameron without wearing this pregnant mom down too much!

Of course, Cam was enthralled by the tigers, but also loved the fish, monkeys, zebras and giraffes. When we ask him now what he saw at the zoo, he'll list of three or four animals (some of which were NOT actually at the zoo), then he'll say "and da BIG poops!" Apparently the large piles of giraffe and zebra dung on display made a huge impact on him! Leave it to the boy to remember POOP.

Elly had fun riding around on Caleb's shoulders and enjoying her goldfish snacks and apple juice - my kind of girl :) All in all, it was a super-fun family day! We'll be heading back soon!!

Watching the seals eat their afternoon snack and do some tricks!

The best view of the zoo is from Daddy's shoulders.

Cam's FAVORITE stop of the day...
Poor guy just paced and paced along the same path!

Telling me what the tiger says..."RAWWR!"

Super Girl and her sidekick :)

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Janel said...

That's the zoo we went to a couple of weeks ago too! I actually prefer it to the MN zoo because the exhibits are so much easier to see, and you don't have to walk too far, oh, and it is FREE! I love the picture of Elly on Caleb's shoulders with the clouds behind!