Happy Birthday, Momma!

My mom's birthday was last Saturday, August 22. I was quite excited to give her a timely "birthday post," then our computer cord went kaput and so did my posting plans :) I asked for her forgiveness, and in true Mom fashion, she didn't mind one bit. I DO want to brag on her a little, though, so I'm posting for her birthday a little belated.

My mom is the most self-sacrificing person I know. You need something? She'll make it happen, even if it costs her an arm and a leg, a full night's sleep, or a tankful of gas. She is completely committed to her family, especially us kids.

She has carried and given birth to 4 children. After doing it 2.5 times myself, I realize the true wonder this feat is. She's pretty tough. (Side note - her heaviest baby was a touch over 6 lbs. I tried my best to acquire this small-baby genetic feat, but did not succeed with Cam or Elly).

My mom is itsy-bitsy. Teeny-tiny. But, she can eat with the best of 'em! I love going out with my mom and sisters, we can all put away a hefty meal. She taught me how to eat right!! :)

Speaking of food, Mom is an excellent cook. She doesn't get elaborate with spices or ingredients, but she cooks with lots of love and has the touch for making things just right. I can make her recipes over and over and they never taste quite as good. Also, whenever I make one of her recipes for company, I ALWAYS end up getting asked for it! Simple, but always delicious.

I think my Mom is the best multi-tasker on the planet. She volunteers for a million things at church and school (she's been on the after prom committee since 1998), and is always helping us with our activities and questions. We've put her through a few hectic summers, and she's always come out smiling. In May-June 2004, Laura graduated high school, I graduated college and got married. In May 2008, Jay graduated high school, Laura graduated college and Elly was born. In June 2009, Laura got married. We haven't been the kindest to her sleep schedule when planning our life events. ;)

Mom is a great listener. She doesn't interject advice at every turn, but knows just the right time to do so. She is so easy to relate to and share with.

She is a HARD worker. She puts in long days in the hog unit alongside Dad, or works at the doctor's office, then comes home and still puts a smile on as a mom and wife. Again, amazing unselfishness.

I owe my post-partum sanity to my mother, who stayed with me for a week after Cameron was born. I was bound and determined to nurse him, and the stinker wouldn't suck. We had to feed him out of a cup, meaning I had to pump and concoct a solution for the first few days. Add this to the typical first-time-mom hysteria and I was a ridiculous mess. Mom stood by my side through psycho emotions, awful mastitis, and little Bubba learning to do it right. I surely would have quit breastfeeding without her support, and might not have made it through that week at all without her care, patience and love.

Mom is an on-call nurse at all times for her kids. AND mostly, her grandkids ;) I call and text her medical questions quite frequently, and she never turns me down, gets annoyed, or suggests, "uh, perhaps you should just call their doctor?"

She's incredibly smart. I studied journalism in college and she's still a better writer and knows more about the English language than I do. I think my Mom could be successful at most any occupation she wanted to!

She is an amazing Grandma to Cameron and Elly. I love watching her love them, read to them, and use the same expressions and teaching tools I remember her using with my siblings and me. She truly cherishes the little things they say and do, and they adore "Gwamma!"

Mom and I get a kick out of the same odd things...misprints in newspapers and magazines, improper grammar, random coincidences. The best part is when one (or both) of us is tired. We could laugh for hours over something SO silly.

My Mom loves to worship the Lord. I see the joy on her face and sometimes, the "I'm trying not to cry" look on her face when she sings a song I know she feels in her heart. I love that.

Mom, I hope you had a wonderful birthday (I know, you got to go to a baptism party AND Wal-Mart that night)! I've said this before, but I pray and strive to be a mother to my children like you are to me. You've taught me since I can remember not just with your words, but with your DAILY example of servanthood, sacrifice and unconditional love. Thank you for all you continue to do for everyone around you.

I love you very much, Momma!! Happy belated Birthday!!!

Mom and Dad reading to Cameron.
February 2007

Cameron and "Gwamma B" at Burke's wedding.
May 2009


Janel said...

Great job, Michelle! What a wonderful, loving, and genuine post!

Lori said...

What a blessing your mom is to many! She is a humble servant. I'm richer by knowing her, worshiping with her and learning from her. She has left a wonderful legacy to you of what a momma is and should be.