I'm a bit scared to "announce" this in a public forum - but I'm 95% sure our little boy is POTTY TRAINED! I know, I know, you think I'd be ready to shout it from the rooftops! Actually, I am, but I fear that posting it publicly will cause him to regress for some unknown reason. We've had about two weeks of minimal accidents, and have even moved to not needing rewards after potty time! Nighttime is still an issue - Cam sleeps hard, but I can handle a Pull-Up a day until we get that mastered.

It's looking pretty rosy to have only TWO children in diapers instead of three come November! I had nightmares (literally) about laying three children of various sizes down on the floor for changing time and trying to do it in record speed without getting soiled myself. Not to mention the cost. We'll still have two, but I can handle that!

Before you pat ME on the back, I must give credit where credit is due. I had essentially given up (at least for a couple months) after my last attempt at potty training. Caleb had a couple days off in a row two weeks ago, and decided (completely on his own) that he would try again with Cameron.

You see, my son may look like me, but he is mentally wired like my husband. This is both a blessing and a challenge. Discipline-wise, it's quite the adventure some days...but Caleb is incredibly smart, focused and perceptive and I see ALL of these qualities reflected in Cameron. Because of this, Caleb knows just how to push his buttons, and I sometimes have to ask him what in the world is going on in my son's brain.

Anyway, Caleb figured out a reward system involving Cars (from the movie). Cam had a collection of 11 die-cast, Hot Wheel-style Cars (most handed down from his cousin) that had been permanently taken away a few months ago because he refused to share them. He is OBSESSED with these things, and would do almost anything for them. DING! Collateral. Every time he pooped on the toilet, he got one of his cars back. Every time he had an accident, they all went away. Sticker for potty. This took about 3 days, and besides the occasional naptime accident, he had it down! Pretty soon he had earned back ALL his cars and was in heaven!

One more accolade I must bestow is to this guy:

photo from Wikia Entertainment

What? You don't know who this is? This is Frank the Combine from the movie Cars. Ever since the Cars revolution began in our home, Cam has been asking for Frank. He had one of Jay's old toy combines that he was content to pretend with, but he saw an actual replica in Target and it became the object of much affection. So, Caleb told him that if he had no accidents for "many days," Daddy would buy him Frank. Two days ago, he and Caleb walked into Target and bought it. I have never seen such a proud, happy smile on Cameron's face. I didn't realize what a moment it would be...I wish I'd brought my camera!!

Potty training has been one of the most challenging experiences in my parenting patience thus far. I know it probably pales in comparison of what's to come, but me and my pregnancy, emotions, and constant sister-audience almost didn't make it.

And ugh, Cam has the CUTEST little buns in his underwear! I had begun to resent them, but now I'm back to appreciating that cute little underweared behind as I follow it wherever it goes. More times than not, he says "You so proud of me?" after he's finished.

Alas, I wanted to share our success with our friends in blogland. I'm very proud of my little man, and even more thankful for a patient, understanding husband who persisted and followed through with Cameron - he knew exactly how his little mind was working, and that Cam could do it with the right motivation.

Cheers to size 2T Lightning McQueen underwear! Thank you, Lord!!!


Janel said...

Funny stuff! Love the reward idea and don't you just adore that goofy ear to ear smile that they give you when they get something they REALLY REALLY want?!?! Like Mr. Frank or whoever it was! Congrats and thanks for sharing! :)

Annie said...

Congrats!!!! We are working on Lacey right now. Definitely difficult!

Jensens said...

Great job Camron!!! What an accomplishment!! :) What would we do without the movie cars?! ha ha!!

Jensens said...

Oops!! I meant Cameron!! :) my bad!