My Thoughts Exactly

I just MUST share this greeting card that I saw in the store the other day...it seems now that they make cards for every.single.occasion. It gets a bit excessive (get well cards for the dog, etc.) but I LOVED the saying on this card for new moms.

"Whoever said 'There's no use crying over spilled milk' obviously never pumped 6 ounces, then accidentally dumped it."

The inside of the card reads: "Hang in there. You're doing fine." Whether you nurse or bottle-feed, doesn't this just perfectly convey the feeling of utter emotional havoc that a newborn brings to a Mom?? Such a beautiful, [hormonal] time :)

This was a Hallmark "Edge of Motherhood" card. I purchased both that were in stock and sent one the very next day! It just hits the nail on the head...kudos, Hallmark. Gave me a good laugh.


Annie said...

haha! that's definitely not the only thing we cry over in those first few days, but it certainly does sum up that feeling!

Anonymous said...

Funny and spilled breastmilk is a PERFECT reason to cry. Whether you're 2 days post partum or 15 months. :)
The stuff is liquid gold!

Jensens said...

LOVE THIS CARD!! It is so so so true!! ha ha!