Time In Iowa

Caleb's Great-Grandma Orr went to be with Jesus this past week, so we were down in Iowa to visit his Grandma and parents, and to get a peek at our new nephew, too! The kids had so much fun hanging out with their Papa & Mema, cousins and friends. My parents (and Sonya & Jay) are still in Belize on the mission trip, so we didn't see them, but we had a relaxing time together.

Amongst the happenings of the 2.5-day vacation were the kids' first visit to a "real," big pool (the Reinbeck pool), Elly's first sucker, meeting baby Xander, pizza night with cousins and friends Jeremy, Erica & Leila, and celebrating Papa & Mema's 33rd anniversary! What a fun time!

Here are a few pictures of our time together!

Elly L-O-V-E-D her Tootsie Pop from Mema.

Cam is an old pro - he knows you always get suckers from Mema.

My water boy dove right in to the pool!
His lips were blue almost instantly, but that didn't stop him!

Can you gather what Elly was feeling about her experience?

Warm, happy boys.
They shared popcorn and ate Nerds off the ground.


Less than 5 minutes after we took off for home...

Having this much fun is exhausting!

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Janel said...

Great pictures! I can totally see their personalities shining through!