It really pays to have a husband in the jewelry biz. Take a look for yourself...

Isn't my brand-new, 2 carat, brilliant round-cut diamond solitaire to die for?? He just thought, being pregnant and all, I deserved it! Ah, what to do? I guess I'll take it.

Nope, the diamond isn't real, and you better believe that if my dear one ever, ever purchased anything like this for me, even with his discount, I'd flip my lid and (likely) immediately give birth to this child. I LOVE, love my wedding ring (which he designed prior to his Kay Jewelers days), and I never want it bigger, different, nothing. However, the woes of 3 back-to-back pregnancies are taking a toll on my fingers - swelling them to gargantuan proportions and making it impossible (for a few months now) to wear my actual ring.

Give in and get it sized, you say? Not just yet. It's great motivation to get back in action after the babies are born...plus, it feels like like I got a new ring every time I can start wearing it again! Perhaps a sizing will need to take place, but I won't do it mid-pregnancy.

Anyway, I'd been wearing a ring Caleb got me in high school (a sweet, little 1/1o carat - size doesn't matter to me), and even that was getting a little snug. So, he surprised me today and came up with this combo - a band that came with a private order for a custom ring (and was not needed), and a 2-carat cubic zirconia (slightly chipped) from the display case at the store. It normally would've been thrown away, but Caleb knows a private jeweler in the area who he's built a good relationship with. The jeweler hid the chip under a prong, and produced this (very) real-looking creation for SIX dollars.

Can't complain too much for $6, right? You can't even get a turn-your-finger-green-special for that price! He got down on one knee *blush* this afternoon, handed me this ring, and asked me if I'd move our family to Iowa with him. I was having doubts (KIDDING), but the bling pushed me over the edge ;)

Caleb had to add that - had my ring been real (the band is real white gold) - a flawless, 2-carat diamond plus band, it would've cost around $70,000. Really???! It's pretty, but I don't understand how someone could spend that much on a diamond!! I'm even afraid of losing this one!

So, now I don't have to endure the looks I got when off grocery shopping with my two youngsters, pregnant belly, and no ring on the finger. Now I think I'll get looks, but they might be of a different variety...

Love you, babe! :)


Janel said...

FUNNY STUFF! That happened to me too. After Jayla was born my finger swelled more (for some reason) and my ring got embedded in my finger! We were actually up in Woodbury at the time and Jake's mom took me to Caleb's Kay Jewelers to get it sawed off! Caleb wasn't working there yet. I had to buy a fakey until it was fixed. It was turn-your-finger-green kind of fakey though. How thoughtful of Caleb to get you a fakey! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute. What a thoughtful guy. Real or not, it's REAL beautiful. ;)

Lori said...

I have some CZ earrings that would be a perfect match! Glad Caleb is into the 'frosting' as they say!