Last Days On The Deck

Sorry my posts have been heavy on pictures/light on text lately...I can't seem to crank anything out of my brain. Today the kids were up early from naps, so we went out to the deck for (probably) one of the last times up here in Minnesota!

We blew bubbles, danced, played basketball and tried our darndest to get a good picture...we got a few keepers :) It's a gorgeous day up here, we plan on grilling later tonight. Hope you're all enjoying your Labor Days!

Elly got really into saying "CHEEEESE!"

Who can get my son to look at the camera?
I'll give you a prize.

Now (apparently) it's time to scream!

Bring it on, boys!
I'll school ya in a game of one-on-one!

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Janel said...

Cute pictures! LUV that last one of Elly!!!!!!!!!!!! :)