All-Star Aunties

I posted a pic a few days ago of Uncle Jay having special time with Cam - well, last weekend, both my sisters came up (as well as my parents) and got to have special time with both Cam and Elly! There is just something so special about a girl
and her aunties!

Elly is a smart girl. She took her time, worked the crowd of relatives and promptly charmed everyone.
(Not that it takes too much...)

Auntie Laura taught Cameron (at a young age) how to make "raspberries" with his lips. Thanks to Auntie Sonya, Elly now knows how, too. Yep, THANKS, Auntie Sonya ;)

Uncle Jay came down on Saturday, too, and we enjoyed a relaxing day together with Papa Murphy's Pizza (Cowboy, please) to finish the day! It was great to see everyone! We missed Uncle Brett (Laura's husband), as he had to stay in Kansas City and work. The kids had a blast being the center of attention and getting lots of extra cuddles from everyone. Looking forward to the next Beichley get-together!!

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The Arnold Family said...

Family is so fun. And oh how I miss living near a Papa Murphy's. Made busy days so much easier!