Think Like A First-Born

Caleb had the day off Wednesday, and we spent a wonderful evening as a family eating homemade waffles, playing "picnic" complete with pretend strawberries, peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, and grapes, and finishing off the night with Daddy playing "Tiger" with the kids.

Basically, the tiger chases Cam and Elly around the corner, then runs away and hides. When Cam and Elly can muster up the courage to come looking for him, he jumps out from behind a new hiding place and scares the giggles out of them. They run away squealing and the process begins again. I watch :)

It is so funny to see our kids' personalities shine while they play this favorite game with Daddy. I have a great vantage point, sitting in the rocking chair and watching them whisper and laugh in the kitchen while they try to get the gumption to come back into the "danger zone."

Elly is always the first to test the waters - and won't run away until she gives a tackle and a hug of her own to the tiger. Cameron follows tentatively behind, sometimes turning around and running away before he even sees Caleb because the anticipation is just too much for him to handle. Cam is whispering to Elly "OK, let's go!" Then, he walks behind her, pushing her along, ever-so-gently nudging her to be the first one through the doorway...the sacrificial lamb!

The kids had so many screams and laughs playing rough with Daddy!! After the they crashed into bed, Caleb and I laughed as we thought back to playing similar games with our dads growing up. He said that his oldest brother Ryan was so similar to Cameron - he'd devise a plan, then send the two younger ones to execute it.

I, the oldest sister, clearly remember being the planner - ahem - the boss is probably more accurate - and sending Laura and Jay into the fire first while I played cleanup. It was always, "You distract Dad, I'll get the ball," or whatever. Basically, they were the ones who faced the first tackle, tickle, or scare. I stayed safely in the background! Some big sister, huh?!

What does this say about us first-borns? Is it innate in our personalities? Are we planners? Organizers? Bossy? Smart? Scaredy-cats? Whatever it is, Cam has what I had. Elly has a whole lot of Caleb...with a little bit of Beichley mixed in, too. I so love just watching my babies' personalities blossom. They each have such unique and precious gifts!


Janel said...

I love it! JJ always does that to Jayla too....pushes her along ahead of him so that she has to go first! :)

Rae Nolt said...

JP tells me I did things like that ALL THE TIME. Can we help that we just have better ideas? I don't think so! :)