Boo To You, H1N1

Had my [now weekly] OB appointment yesterday. As expected, despite my cramping and attempt to be very active, I am not dilating one bit. My babies like to stay nice and cozy until their appointed arrival times :)

Everything looks good, and I even got a bit of [you couldn't have made my day better] good news - I lost two pounds! I won't disclose my weight, but let's just say I'm approaching a milestone - a number - that I have no business hitting. So to hear I had avoided inching closer made me a jolly soul.

However, I also received some [dangerous for an emotional pregnant mom] news. Following suit with most hospitals around the country, Covenant is restricting the maternity ward to visitors 15 and older to reduce the risk of spreading H1N1. This means NO CAMERON AND ELLY. No big sibs meeting baby brother in the hospital. No hugs for Mommy after surgery. No kisses. No visits...for an entire c-section recovery.

Now don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the efforts of the hospital to stop the spread of disease. I'm thankful that itsy-bitsy, super-susceptible babes won't be at risk. But my heart is sad because my older two kids are still babies. Thankfully, they don't totally "get" the process, so it's not as heartbreaking as it might be for, say, an 8- or 9-year-old. Honestly, I think with Grandma at home with them, and Daddy around most of the time too (hospital is only 20 minutes away), they'll be fine.

They'll be fine, and the baby won't know the difference. But you know who will? You know who hasn't been away from either child for more than 2 days? Me. Mommy. Emotional basketcase Michelle. I need them. We all got our H1N1 vaccine because I couldn't bear the thought of all 4 of us sick. And now...this. We'll make it, but it kinda puts a damper on the whole event for me.

Here's to a hugely happy homecoming, then, and perhaps a LOT MORE REST than anticipated during my hospital stay!!

Cam enjoying his Veggie Tales beanie babies after H1N1 shot.
Grandma B (my Mom) gave us our shots, and brought fun band-aids and stickers.

Great-Grandma (my Grandma) heard the shots were happening and graciously supplied us with this post-trauma therapy. He truly forgot all about the shot! Elly played with her band-aid :)

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That stinks about that rule!!!!