Two Randoms - Completely Unrelated

#1 - I visited the doctor today, and among other things, he said that baby is on the "high side" of 5 pounds. If babies gain about a pound per week in the final month - and they do - that means our little meatball will be pushing 10 pounds at birth! Suddenly quite thankful for a c-section... :)

Pregnancy Tickers from WiddlyTinks.com

#2 - These are back in stores. Black Pepper Jack Doritos, my favorite!! Cannot.Stop.Consuming. Why don't we just call Junior an even 11 lbs?

Related, you say? You mean, I could be growing my baby to gargantuan proportions via my diet of spice- and preservative-laden tortilla chips and Almond M&M's?

Nah. He's just a big baby :)


Rae Nolt said...

All my in-laws are horse and buggy mennonite. They have their babies at home. My one sis-in-law (her 8th child) didn't know WHEN she got pregnant. Finally, she went to the Dr. in her 9th month to see when she was due. The ultrasound told her the baby was a girl, had a month to go yet, and only was about 5 pounds. She went home sad cause she THOUGHT her due date was the next day. Sure enough, the next day, at home, her baby was born. It was a girl, she was 8 pounds something and was RIGHT on time. The tech told her that they can be 3 pounds off..3 pounds to high...or 3 pounds too low. I wouldn't be worried about a 10 pound baby. But, I will be praying for you and the baby!

The Jensen Gang said...

YAY!! Black pepper jack doritos!! Why they took them away, I am not sure but they brought them back just in time for you! :) Wish I could enjoy a bag of them with you - but it looks like we will just be thinking of each other as we both eat them!!
And hey Zoe was 9 lbs 2 oz big babies are fun! :)