Just Petty Things

Quite a few people have asked me if I miss living in Minnesota. There are definitely things I miss, of course the family and friends we have up north are by far what I miss the most. But...other than that...when I think really hard about it, I can generate a list. It's slightly amusing, things that make me say, "Aw, man, I miss that," but things that are so silly when it comes down to it.

Being surrounded by family, relying on the Lord, living on love...these are things that came with us to Iowa. We are so supported here by our church, friends, and family that I feel a little guilty talking about the simple things I miss.

Alas, some of them must be shared...you might really appreciate them if you currently are or have at one time been a resident of the Land of Lakes!

Petty Things I Miss About Minnesota

1. The news anchors. Can't get used to the ones in Iowa, most are different than what I grew up with. I love me some Channel 4 Amelia Santinello and Frank Vascelero!

2. No sales tax on clothes. Makes for some outstanding baby bargains. (Plus winter coats, boots, hats, etc.) Seriously...I think every state should adopt this fantastic concept. :)

3. The Multi-Grain Bread @ Cub Foods. Store brand...there is NOTHING better. And, it's only $1.85! Man, I do miss that bread (although any avenue of carb elimination at this point is a good thing).

4. Living approximately 2 miles from Target, in ANY direction. I know. A bit out of control. And I only live 20 minutes from a Target now. A little spoiled I am.

5. None of these. Holy cow, it's a plague.

6. Stores that double coupons. Regular prices are a bit lower here in Iowa, but with all the grocery competition in MN, everyone was vying for business with great prices. AND, stores that doubled coupons (and price matched) allowed me to get groceries on the cheap - strike that - the ridiculously cheap.

7. As of right now, I miss my husband working only 30 minutes away!! :)

8. Chipotle. Pregnant Michelle loves Chipotle. Didn't go there all the time, but just knowing it was there was some kind of high-sodium comfort to me...hehe!

I could think hard and generate more - but just in case you were curious, these are the little things I miss. The big things...we've definitely got covered right where we're at. :)


Jamie Willow said...

so this is my list too. seriously. get out of my head!


I would add that I also miss Patina. I love that store.

And I almost clapped and jumped up and down (I was riding in a car so it was not physically possible) because there is a Chipotle coming to Nashville!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!!!!! I am SO happy!!!

I will always miss MN but I like where I am too. It is nice that my world just got bigger with a new city...

Lori said...

Try Rhodes multi-grain frozen bread rolls. You just thaw them and bake them -- they are the greatest!

Annie said...

I missed all the little things SO MUCH when we were in Seattle. Holidazzle, Noodles and Co., Caribou coffee. I can totally relate.

Embrace the new place, but know that Minneapolis is only a few hours away, and that you'll always have some connections here.

Believe it or not, now I sometimes miss Seattle (but not often)!

The Arnold Family said...

I miss Chipoltle too!!! But honestly, I miss any fine dining place. We have like, 1 here in my town.

I miss the city life.

I miss Marshall Fields downtown at Christmas time.

I miss the Mall of America.

I miss the parks in every neighborhood.

I miss the biking and walking trails.

I miss the lakes with beaches.

I miss uptown.

I miss Caribou and Starbucks on every corner.

I miss the cold.

I miss the snow.

I miss once upon a child.

That list could go on and on. Maybe I'll blog about it too?

But at the top of the list, truly is the people. I miss them. :(

The Arnold Family said...

Ooo I saw that someone said Holidazzle. I miss that too!