Favorite Things About Elly

Following my post about Cameron yesterday, it's now the turn of the spicy-yet-sweet sister, the middle child, my precious Elly girl. Here are some of my favorite things about my only daughter.

How with Elly, there's no time for anything less than 100%. As Cam learned to walk, it was a steady process. Once she learned to pull up, she went from standing, to walking, to trying to run in a matter of days. Until she hits her tired wall, she's go-go-go, nonstop!

The way she loves to organize and put things away. I have a little helper in training with Miss Elly. Cam will dump out all his Hot Wheels or blocks, and she'll sit there for 20 minutes putting them all back in their proper slots. Cute and practical!

How much she adores her big brother. They reunite after naptime with a very long, serious hug...and if they're ever apart during the day for more than a few minutes, the reunion is so precious. She loves to tag along and antagonize, but I am convinced she mostly just wants to be near her beloved Cameron.

Pretty little girl things are Elly's favorite. She loves necklaces, bracelets, and shoes, and decking herself out in whatever she can find. She is already quite opinionated about which shoes she wears out of the house...I might have quite the case on my hands in the teenage years.

Love her pin-straight, baby soft hair and putting it in "pretties." Something I've always dreamed of doing, fixing my daughter's hair.

How she loves to play with babies. She burps them, feeds them bottles, lays them down for naps, and "shhh's" them to sleep. Nevermind the occasional grabbing the doll by the hair and dropping her from the chair...it's too cute to see her pretend to be Mommy.

Those beautiful, dark brown eyes. She is truly a gorgeous girl (and gets told that quite frequently!) :)

Tired Elly loves to cuddle, and I love how she rests in our arms and rubs the silky side of her blanket against her chin and cheek. That thumb always finds its way into her mouth, too...probably won't be a fun habit to break :)

The way she greets everyone she sees! Family, friends, and even strangers in the grocery store get a big, beaming smile, wave, and "HI!" from my precious one.

The staring contests we have. I've talked before about "the look" she gives me when I give it to her. I am always in a battle with myself, trying not to laugh at those stern eyes and raised eyebrows, but knowing I need to be the winner of the contest. Such a girl...

How she loves to play hard. She needs her daily tickles/rough-housing! She loves getting chased and running away from her chaser with her head down like a speeding bullet! Elly just loves having fun!

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My precious baby girl.


The Arnold Family said...


Can't wait to "meet" the new baby!

Mrs. B. said...

So so sweet. I love these posts you're doing about each kid. I may have to sneak one or two in before Baby 3 comes our way too.
And, again, Elly and Evie could be twinsies w/ their personalities! Seriously everything you said was a clone of my girl. Funny.