Favorite Things About Cameron

Okay...I got this idea from my friend Janel @ Team Sullivan. I thought her posts a couple weeks ago were so cute. She listed her favorite things about each of her two sweeties (who, may I add, are quite similar in age and personality to my own).

Being we are adding #3 very shortly, I think it's the perfect time to point out some of the wonderful things that make my kids the delightful little people they are! So...here goes! My favorite things about my firstborn, my Bubbaloo, my Cameron-boy.

His sweet, inquisitive personality. There is always something for Cameron to observe and retain. He is an excellent learner and quite a smart cookie. He is at the age where discoveries are everywhere, but I also think it's a big part of who he is.
The way he treats his sister. Sure, they fight (quite a bit) like siblings do, but he approaches her with gentleness and love, just the way an older brother should. One of my first thoughts when I found out we were pregnant again was that the Lord simply wanted another child to be gifted with Cameron as a big brother. He's the best!
How he loves his fruit and veggies, and will often choose to eat them over carbs and sweets (wish I could take credit for this trait). The only thing that might take precedence...M&M's. :)
Our cuddle time together after his nap. He needs that Mommy time, and I need it even more!
His thankfulness for simple things. A snack, a cup of juice, a bright-colored leaf off the ground, or a tootsie roll in the van...he always has an, "OH, thank you, Mommy," just for me.
The way he loves to sing and dance. I am not yet sick of his rendition of the ABCs, the Veggie Tales theme song, or Jesus Loves Me!
How he mimics his parents (especially his Daddy). He comforts Elly just like Caleb does. I find him in the toyroom, hugging her and saying, "It's OK Looney, I am here." He plays the same games with her as his Daddy does, and in his pretend play, does all the things Daddy does too. He picks up some of my sayings, "Oh my goodness!" "Not quite yet, in a couple minutes." "Okey-dokey!" And uses them when appropriate :) Makes me watch what I say very closely...
His blonde hair and blue eyes. With darker hair in my family and Caleb's brown eyes and hair, I didn't think there was a genetic chance we'd have a blondie. We'll see in a couple days whether it happens again, but I sure love his sweet, fair-faced combo. I think his hair will darken eventually, but he and I will always share our blue eyes.
His creativity. He can take whatever toys are available and turn them into whatever he wants...a shoelace is a fishing pole, a straw is a Veggie Tale, two baby bottles are the bean head of a combine, etc. :)
His sweet hugs and kisses, and precious little smile.
They never fail to make my day!

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