Happy Birthday, Sonya!

My baby sister was born 17 years ago on Halloween. I still remember that year...it was pouring buckets outside and we weren't trick-or-treating due to the weather. We got the call that she was born and, instead, headed to the hospital to meet our sweet little baby Sonya!

Sonya Renee was kind of like my little daughter, whether she wanted to be or not. I took full advantage of the 11 years between us and mothered her up and down, fixing her hair, fixing her meals and taking care of her like she was my own little bebe, loving every kiss and cuddle. Now, she has grown into a gorgeous young woman, beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

I wanted to get this post done on her actual birthday, but my brain was fried and my nose full of brown fuzz from Bam Bam's costume. So, in continuing my often belated, always sincere birthday blog tradition, I want to tell you a little bit about my baby sis, Sonya.

Sonya is one of the nicest people I know. Rivaled only by my other sister (eek - don't know where I fit in - ha!), Sonya absolutely always gives the benefit of the doubt, takes the high road, and puts on a smile through the biggest bummers. She probably actually needs some sort of "kindness boundary bodyguard" to go ahead and be assertive when it's necessary. Hmmm, I might be good at that ;)

Sonya has the most beautiful smile. Fantastic lips, teeth, everything. She lights up the room!

She has such a tender heart toward animals. It is no coincidence that as Sonya grew up, my family got closer and closer to having an indoor cat. First, it was in the garage, then, inside part of the time, and now Sonya's cat, Sugar, is one of the family. She comes over simply to pet and cuddle my farm cats because she knows they need TLC from somewhere!

She can play all sorts of sports, and is much more coordinated than I. She is a pretty great hurdler in track. I am so proud of her for even jumping one hurdle...something I've never been able to do!

Sonya is incredibly talented! She's a fantastic singer, actress, pianist, and saxophone player. She truly enjoys and excels in all these areas. She's also a very good artist - I always request homemade gifts from her for Christmas because she is so creative and the things she comes up with are precious to me!

She makes me laugh, all the time. We're just on the same wavelength. It might be scary to some people - we just get each other!

She can sing almost any Veggie Tales song from any video (one of the staples of her childhood). She amazes Cameron and Elly by singing along with the episodes they watch. They think she's pretty cool. She also cuddles, reads, plays games, and sits on the floor with the kids anytime she can. It's all about the babies when "Auntie Sonna" is around.

Probably a symptom of being the youngest of 4 kids, Sonya has learned to "go with the flow." She is laid back in situations where I am freaking out. She's up for anything. I admire these traits very much.

Sonya is a snuggler and a cuddler! Caleb always laughs because when Sonya is over, my spot on the couch next to Caleb is always stolen. She loves to hug and gives the very best of them!!!

She loves Jesus, and sees people with His eyes. She has such a tender heart and I love watching her grow more and more each day.

It's truly a blessing to have you as my baby sister, Sonya. Wherever you go, you bring joy! I love you so much and I'm so proud of the woman you are. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Sonya and me. August 2008.

Ells and Auntie Sonna. August 2009.

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