Going Bananas?

Yes, probably. Most days.

This post, however, isn't about what you think, (I bet). It's about actual, literal, bananas. And my son. I don't know what is lacking in his diet (ummm, potassium?) but he's been asking for bananas all day, every day, for the past two weeks.

I did a little experiment and purchased nine bananas on Wednesday. Today (Friday evening) there are two left. Elly ate one. Caleb and I ate zero. He has been consuming these fruits at a rate of 2.5 per day for the past three days, and ate up the last batch I bought in about the same time frame.

He wants bananas for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. And tonight, in an attempt to use his dramatic skills to fool me, he said, "Mommy, you never give me 'bannas' [sigh]. Nope you don't." Right...

Cam is a fan of all fruit, and has been known to pass up brownies, cookies, and ice cream for an apple, orange, or pear. He went through a stage (about when he turned 2) that he refused bananas for a few months. Guess he's making up for it now!

I know this is extraordinarily random, but I had to document the banana obsession somewhere! And I must say, at $.29/pound this week, I can't complain about his indulgence of choice!! Love you, Bubby.

from www.medicalcravings.com


Rae Nolt said...

Very cute! I could use a lesson on eating more fruit! :)

What hospital are you giving birth? It's coming up!

Janel said...

That's A LOT of bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!