Hedge Your Bets

Giving in, due to many (crazy) requests for a belly photo of myself. I am posting two, and also taking predictions for baby boy's stats. Here is some background information to couple with the photos that may or may not influence your bet:
  • Cameron was 7 lbs, 21.5 inches, and arrived 1 day early.
  • Elly was 7 lbs, 10 oz, 21 inches, and arrived 1 week early.
  • This baby (boy) is predicted by the dr to be 9-10 lbs, and will arrive 3 days early.
  • They told me Cameron was going to be 9-10 lbs as well.
  • I have been measuring a little large for my dates for about 3 weeks now.
  • I'm retaining water like a mad woman.
  • This past week, I've had the worst heartburn I've ever experienced.
  • Surprisingly, I've gotten kicked in the ribs very few times.
  • Boys are (traditionally) bigger than girls.
  • They say babies get bigger each pregnancy... :)
My attempt at a picture while I looked presentable.

My true, natural state. 39.5 weeks!

Two days away, my friends! Let the guessing begin! What do you think baby Sieh #3's stats will be?


Janel said...

You look beautiful! I love that velour outfit! Can't wait to find out the name!

Anonymous said...

I say he'll be 8lbs 2oz. 21 inches. A mere 24+ hours and we'll know! :) I, too, am excited to hear his name. We have the same taste in names (did I tell you Evie would have been a Cameron if she were a boy?)

Rae Nolt said...

UM...let's see...8lbs 5oz. 20 inches long. AND I'm so excited for you!