3 For 3

All three of my kids made me laugh out loud today. I actually think they do this most every day, but today they all did something memorable that warmed my heart!

As Cameron was eating breakfast today, I saw him holding his cup of juice and staring intently at it. He is learning about the fruits of the Spirit in toddler church, so my mom had been singing him the kids song that goes, "The joy of the Lo-ho-ho-hord is my strength," and etc. He looked up from his juice with a concerned face and said, "Mommy...the joy of the Lord is my drink?" Oh I could just squeeze him!!

I put Bennett in the high chair as I prepared his rice cereal this morning. I came back to find the high chair tray set up (by Elly) just for him with a pink plate containing a peach and hot dog (play food), as well as a pink fork and baby bottle. I entered just as she was carrying over a pot of necklaces (spaghetti, perhaps?) that she had been stirring. I also found her mini ketchup bottle and cardboard milk carton in the fridge. ♥

And my sweet baby boy...he found his reflection today! I was holding his mirror toy in front of him as he sat in the bouncy seat, and all the sudden he erupted in giggles!! I ran to get the camera and caught the last of it. What I got on video was minor compared to how hard he was laughing at first! Cameron was hanging on my arm...so please forgive the shakiness of the footage :)

There you have 'em. Cam, Ells & Bennito - 3 for 3 on LOLs :)


legendswife said...

Such wonderfully blessed moments. I love the warm feeling of seeing my boys laughing and playing together.

God Bless

Janel said...

I love these little stories! You are so blessed!