**Or, "When Processed Food Happens to Good People," or "Sodium-r-Us," or "Why Can't I Drop That Last 10 Pounds Of Baby Weight?"

I just had to share the lunch creation I fed to my baby birds this noon. With the organic, whole-food revolution going all around us, I found it ironic that I created a lunch (which they devoured) out of a select few of the unhealthiest items in the kitchen. Apparently I was a lil salt-deficient at lunchtime?
What came out of the fast-and-furious, grease splattered, delicious-smelling kitchen looked almost just like this:

Thanks, foodchannel.com.
See, if a food website has the recipe on it, I'm not such a bad mom, right?

Here are the ingredients (obviously just for kicks since you can clearly see what this carbohydrate boat is hauling :)

- One plain bagel (hold the whole grain, please)

- One slice of American cheese (or cheddar, if you're feeling more the natural route)

- One egg, scrambled (a dash of pepper, but don't use much salt...sodium flavor will be WELL-infused from other ingredients)

- One slab (haha) of SPAM (yep, Spam. Like you pull out of a can and it's in a loaf, and you slice off as much as you want. I think I did 1/8 of a loaf - aka, a slab - per bagel.)

Toast bagel. Scramble egg. Warm SPAM in frying pan - try to ignore grease it exudes merely from a slight change in temperature. Also try to ignore the "best by" date on can of SPAM, which is three years from today. Place cheese on freshly toasted bagel so it starts to melt. Place egg, then SPAM, on the other half of bagel. Indulge in processed deliciousness.

Not kidding, Cam and Ells ate more for lunch than they had in a few weeks. Caleb didn't complain too much, either :) I promise I normally strive for generally nutritious meals and try my hardest to provide foods from the Earth and not from machines.

But man, these were Spamtastic. Don't judge ;)

Does it count that I served them with clementines?


Susan said...

Sounds yummy to me! Breakfast foods are good any time of day, and yes, Spam is a breakfast food!

Claessens Family said...

Have you ever tried putting fried cubed SPAM in your Mac n cheese? Its Uber good, processed deliciousness!!