Christmas Card Outtakes

Insert your own captions...or read mine :)

Elly, under her breath, disguised by a smile,
"Bennett...if you don't stop pulling on my skirt, I will SCREAM."
He knows the seriousness of these promises.

A little too constipated-looking for the holidays?

Even better (worse?) than kissing cousins...kissing sibs!

Turn down the cheese, Cam.
Please disregard Bennett's navy socks.
Thank you :)

Cam = unstoppable Christmas smile.
Bennett & Elly = reindeer in the headlights.

Saying cheese and hugging at the same time...
Losing enthusiasm...

Let's all cry like Bennett!

And...that's pretty much a wrap!

2010 CraSieh Christmas cards, coming soon!! :)


Janel said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

I love outtakes too. :D