Comin' To Town

Santa Claus came to our hometown (and to Daddy's work at the bank) last Friday. The kiddos took early naps and we ventured in to visit him. I wondered what reactions would be...but I must say there was no hesitation (even from the recently clingy Bennett) to sit on the jolly man's lap. He was quite a wonderful Santa, might I add. Warm, welcoming and genuine :)

Elly cheesing it up for the camera, of course :)
Cam looks nervous, but I think he was in the middle of telling Santa about his birthday party the night before.

Elly gave Santa the complete once-over, telling him she liked his hat, his coat, his mittens, and proceeding to reach down the gap in his belt *gasp* and tell him that he had a pocket!
Again, he was wonderful :)

Bennett was perhaps still a bit tired from his nap. Santa was nice and snuggly, and he burrowed right in. :) I think we won the award for filling Santa's lap with the most children...

A fun visit! We even left with some "candy cans."

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Anonymous said...

Oh...Elly and Evie. Two peas in a pod. If we ever got these girls together they'd take over the world, I think. And the world would be a prettier, pinker, more fashionable place. ;) With LOTS of baby dolls.