My Oh-So-Quotable Son

Cameron, to Elly, when he saw the new book she got as a reward for her 98.5% potty trained-ness, "Elly, where did you get that book? Did you get it from Mexico or from high school?" (???)

Cameron, to the incredibly precious story hour volunteer who was exceedingly patient and wonderful with my children's antics this afternoon, "I like your silly fingers! Watch my silly feet, they can tap dance." (In his defense, she had done several fantastic finger plays for the kids. But the tap dancing was a bit ADD) :)

Cameron, to me, "Mommy, let's have a baby sister and name her Brown Brown."

Cameron, to me, after being asked what he wanted from Santa Claus, "Just some candy cans." (He calls candy canes "candy cans.")

While practicing Away in A Manger for the church Christmas play, "...the staaaars in the sky look down to the crib," He KNOWS it's supposed to be "look down where He lay," but apparently insists that baby Jesus needs a crib. Again, ???

Cameron, each day, almost hourly, "Mommy, you're so beautiful, and so precious. And you're such a good cooker." ♥

Have to share these things before they escape my ever-fleeting memory. There is no doubt in my mind that this precious little boy's imagination is larger than life and that his love language is words of affirmation. Love my Cameron-boy.


Janel said...

JJ is at this age too where everything he says is HILARIOUS and I have to write it down! :)

Alicia Marie said...

He is the cutest. I need to start writing down things Jack says...it is out of control...