It's Tradition

I made Valentine's frosted cookies today. I've done so every year Caleb and I have been married, always making a large heart for each family member (only Caleb and I for the first two years), and more small, decorated hearts. This year, I made my largest batch of "big hearts" ever, four for our immediate family and one for Uncle Jay. I also made large hearts for Anna's family (see below for Anna update)!

I took a picture of Elly's heart because it was the ONLY one that came out with the text looking even remotely close to the way I wanted it to. My frosting got too warm and started to get really goopy and sloppy. Good thing my audience is a). not picky and b). largely two and under.

Cameron and Elly got frosted cookies for snacks today -- not something that happens very often. They gobbled them up and asked quite nicely for more!

We make these cookies a few times a year: pumpkins for Halloween, a wide variety for Christmas, hearts for Valentine's Day, and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. I once made a whole batch of basketballs with names on them for Caleb's basketball team...because I thought "I would love a delicious basketball cookie after a game"...but he promptly told me that young men didn't have quite the same affection for labeled, orange cookies, even if made with lots of TLC. Haven't done that since. :)

I managed to complete this whole project during a 2-hour tandem naptime, so I'd like to thank my cherubs for making it all possible! I'm actually excited for the day when they can help...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anna update: As of this afternoon, Anna was making progress and being weaned off the oxygen mask to regular room air. Thanks for your prayers, please keep praying as she is incredibly weak and still has a long way to go to recover. Praise God for her healing thus far!

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The Arnold Family said...

Aww those look yummy!!! And so pretty! Happy V-Day!