Trying Out Coborn's Delivers

I've never really considered trying a grocery delivery service. I figured, they must find a way to turn a profit...and how could they do that besides over-charging for their products and doubling the gas price it takes them to deliver?

But, there is a first time for everything. I got a $20 off coupon in the mail, plus a free delivery code advertised on KARE 11, so I thought I'd get online and browse. The service I used is the former Simon Delivers, now called Coborn's Delivers. I looked around, and very quickly realized that most prices are indeed inflated to compensate for the convenience factor. However, I found some fantastic sales that were just as good, if not better, than those I would find at local grocery stores. The $ off coupon I had made those sales even sweeter!

Before long, I'd planned meals for the next two weeks, including meat, dairy, dry goods, and fresh fruit and vegetables (and even some "lazy foods" for lunches), and my grand total was $108.34. I used a few manufacturer's coupons, and then used my codes for $20 off and free delivery ($5), bringing my total down to $81.34.

Our grocery budget is fairly tight (we try to keep under $240 per month), so I was quite pleased with what I got for the money. Now, we're only feeding 3 mouths at best (Cam and Elly count as one at a good meal), so we can swing it. I don't mind buying generic, and I'd say almost half of the items I purchased were not name brand. But I will say, on this shopping trip, I got better deals that I could have at the Super Target + Cub + Rainbow trip that I usually navigate, and it came right to my door at 10:30 this morning!

All the fresh food that I bought (meat, vegetables, etc.) has a use-by date of February 22nd, which I thought was very reasonable. Some of the meat was on super-duper sale, so I'll freeze part of it. The delivery man was friendly, and even waited for a minute at the door while I changed Elly's aptly-timed blowout (oh, the pleasures of sweet babies...she's sick, so she gets a break). I had trouble using one of my coupon codes at checkout (on Saturday) and I emailed the "help" option...they emailed me right back and were able to help me complete the order. Overall, I'm very satisfied.

My mixed feelings come only because I know I'd never pay a $5 delivery fee, plus prices that are consistently at least 15% more than regular store prices, just for this service. I know many of you moms are with me on this one - I actually QUITE ENJOY my trips to the store...precious alone time - and the fees involved just don't trump sales, coupons, and the relaxation I get from shopping around. However, they do have very, very good sales on select items. If I got another round of coupons, I'd definitely consider doing this again.

If you're living in the Twin Cities and in the market for a grocery service, I highly recommend this one! You need to be short on time and willing to spend a bit more money than you would at the store, but time is money and as I said, they do have some very, very good sales on everyday grocery basics and even some novelty items (the sales change every few days).

Just thought I'd share my new experience! I felt kind of strange when the big bright truck drove up to the house today...like "why do I deserve such service??!" Haha! Fun.


Janel said...

WOW! Jake's brother and his wife use them too. :)

Jamie Willow said...

have you shopped at Aldi's yet? they definitely help keep grocery cost down and it's decent products too. you have to use cash or debit, credit isn't accepted but the prices are so low.
I used Simon a few times when I was way to busy to shop, they are great.