It has been awhile since I posted - we had our ultrasound, but more on that later! In faster-moving news, our 14.5 month old is super close to being a walker!! I don't say that my kids are "walking" until it is their preferred mode of travel...so for now I wouldn't say Elly is walking, but she very well could if she wanted to!

She usually chooses to crawl if she needs to keep up with Cameron or run away from me when I'm trying to change her diaper, so it's still an option. However, she's been standing up in the middle of the floor spontaneously and wobbling around ALL DAY today! So, I think that within a few weeks Miss Elly might go to work walking full-time!

She gets really proud of herself whenever she does it...sometimes she falls down just because she is looking around to see if she might have an audience to clap and cheer her on!!

Here's a video of our lil' chickadee in action:

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Alicia Marie said...

I love how babies walk with their hands above their heads! Jack is a "full-time" walker now... but those hands are still waving high!