Fair Fun

Our family headed off to the MN State Fair on Monday, and I got to thinking...one of my first posts ever on this blog described our trip to the great Minnesota get-together in 2008! My, how time has flown by since then...and how we all have changed!

The weather was absolutely perfect, around 75 degrees with a little breeze. The kids were SO excited, although Cam kept asking to see the dinosaurs...not sure what he was expecting. He was thoroughly thrilled with the livestock, though, and lit up like a Christmas tree when he got around the animals! The boy has agriculture in his blood!!! :)

We chowed down on a footlong hot dog (Cam's choice), a giant turkey leg (my choice), a giant pickle (Elly's & my demand), cheese curds (Caleb's) and finished it all off with unlimited milk at the Dairy Tent for $1 and our FIRST-EVER Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies! YUM. The turkey leg really hit the spot, but my favorite treat of the day was the 2...er...3-4 cups of ice cold milk I had at the Dairy Tent. So cold and wonderful and just what I needed. I was grossing Caleb out.

What a fun family day at the fair! Note: last year I mentioned Caleb was not too excited to attend the festivities...well, this year, he was leading the charge! Hallelujah for fair conversions :)

All dressed in our Twins gear and ready for the fair!

Cam LOVED the tractors. Elly was not so amused.

If we put our heads together, maybe we can figure out
how to drive it?

(There's something about this picture that I just love!)

Cam was a little disappointed when it was time to move on.

Cam got to be a "little farm hand" and feed pretend cows and chickens, collect eggs, plant seeds and harvest vegetables, and pick apples to put in his pail! At the end he traded in all his (plastic) goods for a real apple! He was in heaven.
Absolutely thrilled.

Elly finishing off the giant pickle :)

Hey! I know these people, they're from my hometown!
Petty's had a display outside the sheep barn.

We visited "Grandpa's pigs," as Cam put it.
Elly did NOT like their incessant squealing.
She was happy to leave.

By 2pm, there was nothin' left!
They didn't even make it to Sweet Martha's.
No worries, they made up for it later and had their fill of cookies for an afternoon snack!


Alicia Marie said...

Oh man....the milk tent and sweet martha's was one of the first things i did at the fair.... Every year since, Ryan and i lament about not being able to partake of some ice cold milk and sweet martha's. We miss the fair!

Annie said...

I was a crazy milk drinker when I was pregnant with Miles! I wonder if its a prego thing?

Mrs. B. said...

So cute...I miss the MN Fair. Bad. :)

Susan said...

Thanks for the post and pictures. I feel like I have been to the fair, too!